Richard Hotchkiss


Personal and Family Information

Richard was born about 1566 in England, the son of Richard Hotchkiss and Jane Fletcher.

He died about 1648 in England.

His wife was Frances Burrows. They were married, but the date and place have not been found. Their eight known children were Arthur (c1585-?), Margret (c1587-?), Jane (c1590-<1598), Dorathey (c1592-?), Richard (c1594-?), Eligabeta (c1596-?), Jane (c1598-c1620) and Thomas (c1598-c1662).

Pedigree Chart (3 generations)


Richard Hotchkiss


Richard Hotchkiss


Allan Hotchkiss


Richard Hotchkiss


Alice Soulton


Jane Fletcher



BirthABT 1566
Place: England
DeathABT 1648
Place: England


Note 1

!Source: 1566, 1582, 1634 Bedford Visitation

[see images attached to William b abt 1505] years estimated. This means everyone on the pedegree was born and/or married by 1634. Arnold Bennett

Stoke-on-Trent is made up of 5 towns which were joined. On of these is Burslem.

The surrounding area has a Bursley Way, a Bursley Road, and a Bursley Ale House and a fast food place called the bursley burslem.

Apparently author Arnold Bennet [1867 - 1931] called Buslem Bersley. It may be that place name was a bit more than his imagination.

It is in Staffordshire, but near Cheshire.




Document Reference: 11/599

System Reference: X11/12/6/9/599


Level: file

Date: 27 February 1649

Description: 1. Job Charlton of Whitton Court esq and Dorothie his wife

2. Andrew Bird of Bishop's Castle yeoman

Consideration: 10 and rent

Lease for 99 years or lives of Andrew Bird and William Bird his brother, of arable land in the common townefields of Bishop's Castle called Hucklemind field, Little field, Colbach field, Wydbatch field, the Nouers field; and 2 ridges or butts below the littlefield and late in possession of Richard Hotchkis deceased, with all appurtenances enjoyed by

>>> Richard Hotchkis <<< belonging to the lands [with the exception of a certain parcel in Hucklemind field, Colbach and Wydbach field already granted by William Blunden esq deceased to Edward Bright of Bishop's Castle tanner lately deceased, for the term of 21 years]

Rent 5.15.0; one couple of fat capons or 1s 6d at Christmas; one man's work one day at harvest or 8d at grantor's choice; heriot 20s. Re-entry if the rent in unpaid 30 days, being lawfully demanded.

Signatures of Job Charlton and Dorothy Charlton


1. Memorandum that upon surrende r of this lease, the grantors will give a new lease for the lives of Andrew Bird and any wife within 2 years if William Bird still live. He shall not assign without consent.

Witnesses to sealing and memorandum:- William Saies, William Jorden, John Howell [mark]

2. 28 April 1660 Andrew Bird, for the love he bears her and for 5s, assigns to Anne Powell his elected wife, the messuage within mentioned for the term of the within mentioned lives.

Mark of Andrew Bird. Witnesses:- Nicholas Bayley, Richard Henlly, Thomas Andrewes.


27 February 1648/9




X11/12/6/9: Land in Bishop's Castle townfields and in Colebatch and Woodbatch; a messuage added before 1660; and land

X11/12/6/9/599: Lease [27 February 1649]


Francis Doughty vs Richard Hotchkis


Document Reference: WB/F/2/2/3/8/11

System Reference: XWB/F/2/2/3/8/11


Level: Item

Date: 23 Jan 1616

Description: Francis Doughty, plaintiff, accuses Richard Hotchkis of Patton, yeoman, of debt. 23 Jan.1651/16

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Randuphus Dayes vs Richard Hotchkis


Document Reference: WB/F/2/2/1/4/16

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Level: Item

Date: 1617

Description: Radulphus Dayes vs Richard Hotchkis. 22 Oct.1617.

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Document Reference: 5460/4/1/6

System Reference: X5460/4/1/1/6


Level: Item

Date: 8 Oct 1621

Repository: Shropshire Archives

Description: 8 October 19 James I [1621]

1. Hum. Packington of Harvington, Worcs, esq., Lord of the Manor of Ditton, Salop

2. Edw. Cressett of Upton Cressett, esq.

A hedgerow and ground on which a hedge sometime grew that divided the lands of the manor of Ditton and the lands of Upton Cressett, in place of which 2., by the consent of 1., has put a pale for his Park of Upton Cressett extending from a place called Sidgley end along by a parcel of land of the manor of Ditton in the occ. of Rd Blakeway, and from there along by a parcel of land of the manor of Ditton in the occ. of Fras Smaleman and from there along by a pasture ground of Ditton manor in the possn of Rd Reynolds, and from there along by a pasture ground of Ditton manor in the possn of Eliz. Fifield to the corner of a leasow called the Parke, part of the lands of 2. in the occ. of Roger Bailies, all the said lands of Ditton manor lying on the West part and the Park and lands of 2. on the East part.

Reservation to 1. of oaks, ashes and crabtrees in the hedgerow and ground let above, with liberty to 1. to crop and shred the same and have the said wood.

To hold from the last Annunc. for 200 years at a peppercorn rent at Mich. if demanded.

2. and his heirs are to keep the hedgerow and ground sufficiently paled or otherwise hedged and fenced.

Signed: Humfrey Pakington. Seal on tag

Witnesses: Mar: Sandys, >>> Richrd Hotchkis <<<, Charles Younge English, parchment, indented.

X5460: Cressett Deeds [1400 - 1939]


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