Hannah Elizabeth Hoopes


Personal and Family Information

Hannah was born on 22 FEB 1790 in West Chester, Chester County, Pennsylvania, the daughter of Ezra Hoopes and Ann Hickman.

She died on 20 NOV 1875 in Beaver County, Pennsylvania, United States.

Her husband was Joseph Iddings, who she married on 25 DEC 1813 in West Chester, Chester, Pennsylvania, United States. Their nine known children were Ezra Hoopes (1816-1871), Mary (c1817-?), Ann (1818-1821), Hannah (1820-1910), Elizabeth (1822-1889), Sarah Lukens (1823-1915), Caleb (1825-1828), Phoebe Ann (1828-1915) and Lavinah (1833-1929).

Pedigree Chart (3 generations)


Hannah Elizabeth Hoopes


Ezra Hoopes


Joshua Hoopes


Daniel Hoopes


Jane Worrilow


Hannah Ashbridge


George Ashbridge


Mary Melon


Ann Hickman


Francis Hickman


Benjamin Hickman


Ann Buffington


Ann Marshall


Thomas Marshall


Hannah Mendenhall



Birth22 FEB 1790
Place: West Chester, Chester County, Pennsylvania
Death20 NOV 1875
Place: Beaver County, Pennsylvania, United States
Place: goshen MM, Chester County, Pennsylvania, United States
Place: Savannah Church Cemetery, Lawrence Co., PA


Note 1

!Source: Daniel Shawn Huffman.